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Translated with the help of Google Translation, if you see any mistakes, do not forget to let me know!

" To me, libertinage is not just a philosophy, a lifestyle, but also a political stance. Due respect to many libertines, this lifestyle is not particularly appreciated by the majority (silent and conformist) of the population was, in its time, perhaps a little less than now, hunted.

At worst, even, in certain periods of our history, in not so old times, that this was abnormality was infiltrate by the extreme right-wing movements in connection with the crime organisations.

The sexual revolution, the digital revolution has changed somewhat given. A national radio gives during the afternoons, the opportunity to speak to libertines.But much remains to be done before they reach at least among people more open consideration that homosexuals have succeeded, not without difficulty, to win over the last forty years.(even if everything is still far from perfect.).

A libertine friend of mine wrote this protest. I know and respect her eve she is sometimes, vehement. We are always ready to fight, just for the sake of arguing and arguing against. The text does not speak of licentiousness, yet it (I suppose, I am certain) like me who diffuse believe that openness, welcome, whatever their other differences are the foundations of our society who have been happily corrected by the libertines of eighteenth century. Rather than sing the "virtues" of armies, it is better not sing the "vices" and "virtues" of the first.

Will, as said Comrade Sade: "French, one more effort! '

I don't want to leave to the French libertines, the content of this text. I am going to translate it in English where I going to try to add some references that seem important in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Do not get upset if you see through here and there, a few links to people you already know. Think they are not known in all the world, and even a link to their Wikipedia entries, it's a bit of our culture that escapes through the "information superhighway."

Make love, not war

Thank you Sabrina!"

"Small tool fake anti-patriots ... it is what it is, but there's no copyright;)

They do not like ... our economic policy, our social policy, foreign policy, criticize the wars we live, what we do not conduct, they do not like our education, our entertainment, they do not like our media, they do not like not our republican motto ("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"), they do not like judges, or how we make the justice, they do not like our electoral system, our Constitution, our laws, Europe; they do not like our ideals, utopias, our contradictions;

They do not like those who fail at school, who "speak evil of France", but they do not like the intellectual elite, cultural actors, the political elites, artists, associations;

They do not like beggars, thieves, homeless, but do not like most bankers, wealthy patrons;

They do not like youth cap to crest, long hair, piercing, has dreadlocks, they do not like the veiled women, or women "sexually liberated," they do not like the French original foreign, French Muslims, French Jews, the Frenchs who do not respect France, the French tax evaders,

They do not like t that France is, or what it iwas or what it going to be;

He does not like Yannick Noah, - Williams Sisters -,  Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Charles Aznavour, - Pete Seeger -, Renaud Séchan - Tom Paxton -, they do not like Eva Joly, Charles De Gaulle - F.D. Roosevelt -, Pierre Mendes-France,Georges Brassens, Albert Camus - Henry Miller -, Robespierre, - Jerry Rubin -, Rousseau, Voltaire,-Noam Chomsky, Jamel Debbouze, - Paul Robeson, - Roselyne Bachelot, the François Hollande, Fillon, Mitterand,Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, - JFK- Jacques Higelin, Noir Desire; -Joe Hill - ;...

They do not like hip-hop or techno, or pop, they do not like gôôôchistes, they do not like liberals, they do not like libertarians, they do not like the Communists, they do not like the humanists, they do not like our welfare, Human Rights, 68ards people that we welcome people we elect, our values, our differences, our union. ..

This list can not be exhaustive ... and we can agree on the choice or the interest of each of these. However, they all belong to the Republican Arc! This is already a lot today where old remugles history empuantissent atmosphere.

So they say, merit is to apply to itself the principles that we advocate for others .. so, ladies and gentlemen of the right people or the National Front, France, love it , or leave it! ;) "

PS: I advocate that we change the National Anthem of France. The "Chant du Depart" seems to me, reading these lines, more appropriate.

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